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Burn gas, not money with gas fireplace installation in South Portland, ME and surrounding areas including Brunswick and Arundel

A lot of homeowners and commercial business owners would love to have a gas fireplace installation.

With fireplace installation from Embers Stoves & Fireplaces, you can enjoy the perks of a real fireplace with much less maintenance. These systems use gas rather than wood as their fuel, so you don't have to worry about cleaning out embers and scrubbing the interior.

Speak with us today about your fireplace installation needs, and we'll help you find the right feature for your property. We serve South Portland, ME and the entire surrounding region.

See why gas is better than wood

See why gas is better than wood

A gas fireplace installation offers many advantages over a wood-burning fireplace. Here are just a few perks of gas fireplaces:

  • Gas instantly turns off, cooling your fireplace much quicker
  • Gas fireplaces don't need cleaning as often as wood fireplaces.
If you want a fireplace at your South Portland, ME home or business, you can depend on Embers Stoves & Fireplaces for buying guidance and expert installation. Email us now for all your gas fireplace needs.