Owning a gas fireplace, gas stove or gas log set it is very important to understand how it works and to make sure that it is operating appropriately for efficiency and safety purposes. Most Manufactures strongly suggest that a yearly maintenance plan would help your appliance stay in tip top shape and run as efficient as the day it left the factory. At Embers Stoves & Fireplaces we have a plan to do just that. Embers maintenance plan is a low cost way to keep your fireplace, stove or log set running at its peak performance.

General Service call:

•Inspect gasket seal & glass assembly
•Inspect logs for placement and other issues that could cause sooting
•Clean unit to ensure it is free from dust, cobwebs, debris and pet hair
•Verify burner is secured and properly aligned with pilot or igniter
•Clean burner top & inspect for plugged ports, corrosion or deterioration
•Check for smooth lighting and ignition carry over to all ports
•Ensure pilot flame pattern and strength is proper
•Inspect orifice, thermocouple and thermopile to ensure proper working conditions

We offer Annual Maintenance Contracts in South Portland, Arundel, ME & surrounding areas including Brunswick

Benefits Include:

•Reduced General Service Rate: $20 off our current General Service Call fee•
•No return-service call fees: If a replacement part is needed, ou,r technicians will return and you only pay for the part.
•Courtesy Reminder Call: To ensure you won't forget, we'll call you to schedule a date and time that is convenient for your schedule.
•Complimentary Urgent Service: if your fireplace fails to perform during the cold months (October 1 - March 31), we'll provide service within 3 business days.